clean hard floors

The best way to clean hard floors Many people opt for hard floors as opposed to carpet in their homes, mostly due to how much easier they are to clean. There are a lot of different ways to clean hard floors – different methods can be used for different jobs. Some stains will require a

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How do carpet cleaners work?

How do carpet cleaners work? Carpet cleaners are designed to free carpet fibres of dirt and stains, working deeply to eradicate any sign of debris. There are specific ways in which to use carpet cleaners to ensure the best results. Using a cleaning solution on the carpet before utilising a carpet cleaner will allow the

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Essential general catering supplies

Some essential general catering supplies that everyone needs! Catering companies across the UK are always searching for the best deal when it comes to bulk catering supplies and condiments. At Cesar Janitorial Supplies, catering and bar products are offered at unbeatable prices – everything you could ever need in just one place. There are multiple

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Cleaning Guildelines

Cleaning guidelines

Cleaning guidelines in educational establishments Health and safety is an important aspect of any industry or company – in educational settings, it is particularly important due to the high volume of staff and pupils present day in, day out. Because of this near-constant dense population, cleaning takes on an even greater role than usual, to

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