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How do carpet cleaners work?

carpet cleaners

How do carpet cleaners work?

Carpet cleaners are designed to free carpet fibres of dirt and stains, working deeply to eradicate any sign of debris. There are specific ways in which to use carpet cleaners to ensure the best results. Using a cleaning solution on the carpet before utilising a carpet cleaner will allow the dirt to lift. The carpet cleaner is then used to absorb the soap and dirt mixture from the fibres, while pumping water into the carpet to ensure a deep clean. Some carpet cleaners use heat to turn the rinse water into steam, which many believe to provide a better clean. There are a few key components to carpet cleaners, each of which have a specific function which allows the cleaner to work efficiently.


The pump allows the rinse water to be pushed into the carpet fibres. It produces the pressure needed for the water to dilute the cleaning solution. Pressure levels usually vary from 60 psi to 500 psi.


The vacuum component of carpet cleaners works to suck up the dirty soap solution and remove stains, which is then emptied into a tank which can be removed. Vacuums are powered by motors, including a single 2-stage motor, two 3-stage motors and three 2-stage motors. The power of a vacuum varies from 100 to over 200 CFM.

Solution tanks

These tanks reside within the carpet cleaner and holds the clean rinse water. They can hold between 4.5 to 17 gallons of water.

Recovery tanks

These tanks hold the dirty water and soap. They hold a little less in volume than the solution tanks, up to 15 gallons. Both tanks can be removed from the machine and emptied at regular intervals.

Heating unit

This carpet cleaner component heats the rinse water quickly, to as high as 100 degrees in as little as 3 minutes. The heating units either heat the water while it is still in the water tank, or as it exits the carpet cleaner.


There are multiple different accessories that can be attached to a carpet cleaner, to improve the quality of cleaning. They usually come with a large floor wand in various widths, and a jet to extract fluids. There are also wands specifically tailored for fabric or stairs, to make it easier to clean delicate upholstery or difficult to reach areas. Vacuum wands can be tailored to your own requirements, should you need specific widths.

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