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How to keep your workplace clean

workplace clean

Having a clean, decluttered environment to work in is an important aspect of any job – after all, as the saying goes, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. However, it can be easy to let dust and debris run rampant in the workplace, especially if you’re particularly busy and simply don’t have the time to keep up office maintenance. There are a few tips and tricks that can save you time when trying to keep your workplace clean and thus stress-free.

  1. Encourage your employees or colleagues to wash their hands

Yes, it can be this simple. Putting up a couple of posters in washrooms or reminders in the workplace can work wonders. Unwashed hands can not only transfer germs from person to person, but it allows dirty hands to touch desks, walls and any other clean surface. This can cause stains, such as ink, which can be difficult to remove and can make your workplace look untidy in general. You may even consider a touchless soap dispenser in the washrooms, to improve overall hygiene and keep the workplace clean.

  1. Have some surface wipes on your desk

Keeping wipes on your desk is a good idea if you want to keep your workplace clean and germ free. This is probably the least time-consuming way to keep your desk in order. Just a quick wipe before you leave at the end of the day is all it takes! It’ll sanitise your workplace and allow you to knuckle down without having to worry.

  1. Declutter!

Keeping your workplace clean isn’t just about germs and sanitation – clutter can cause a lot of stress. Get rid of anything that you don’t regularly use, as these items just take up space on your desk and make it much harder to find the things that you actually need. If your working environment is decluttered and orderly, chances are you’ll work more efficiently.

  1. Empty your bins

If you have a lot of employees, your bins probably fill up pretty easily. Emptying them everyday, even if they’re not completely full, will ensure that your workplace will always look clean and put together. If the bins are used for food, then this is even more important, as food will begin to smell after a while! You may even want to avoid eating at your desk, as this’ll prevent crumbs and other stains coming into contact with your desk space and potentially ruining documents.

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