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Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning – How and Why from Cesar

Carpet Cleaning has advanced greatly over the past few years and here at Cesar we know that it may seem a little daunting to know what is the best way to approach carpet cleaning. Therefore, we have decided to pass on a few tips and pointers to assist with cleaning and ensure that you achieve the best results.

It’s much easier to get professional results for a fraction of the price using carpet cleaning products and carpet detergents which are easily available to purchase online through our website. Previously when we thought about carpet cleaning it involved images of spending days on end scrubbing away at the stains on hands and knees. This would then involve hours if not days of waiting for the carpet to drive to see minimal results.

Other options involved hiring a professional industrial carpet cleaning company that could end up costing a lot of money. However now carpet cleaning is much easier and owning a carpet cleaner is more accessible as gone are the days of the bulky industrial sized cleaning machines. It is therefore more within reach to get those professional cleaning results in your home either yourself or from your cleaner. The new versions of carpet cleaners ensure clean and renewed carpets without hassle.

When carrying out a cleaning routine it is important to remember a few pointers. We have outlined these below to assist you in achieving the best possible results;

  • Vacuum First – Before beginning your carpet cleaning ensure that you clean your carpet thoroughly by giving it a good vacuum. Vacuum the carpet in all places, ensure your remove all the dust and debris from the carpet. This will give your carpet cleaner a good start at achieving the best results.
  • Treat hardened stains before getting to work – If you have stubborn, built in stains on the carpet you are looking to clean then it is best to treat this before you start your carpet cleaning mission. By treating the built in stains before using the carpet cleaner you will break the stain down and manipulate the debris allowing your carpet cleaner to get to work. You can purchase Pre-Treatment solutions to help with this here.
  • Don’t Rush – If you are opting to complete a full carpet cleaning project then ensure that you give yourself plenty of time. Ensure that you push and pull the carpet cleaner slowly. Aim to use the carpet cleaner at half the speed of your vacuum, in doing this you will allow the carpet cleaning detergent to get into the carpet deeper and the brushes to cover all of the surface. When you move the cleaner backwards the dirt and dirty water is removed so you want to ensure this is done with plenty of time so you do not miss any dirt. Remember if its worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!
  • Make sure you cover all of the carpet – When doing your carpet cleaning make sure you do not miss out any areas. Go over the sections that you have cleaned and make sure that you change direction so that the clean is even
  • Rinse your carpet – After you have completed your carpet cleaning rinse the carpet fully by using a dilute water. A lot of the newer cleaners have a rinse mode but if not empty the detergent from the carpet cleaner, fill with clean warm water and go over the carpet this will ensure freshness


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